RUESTES Francesc

His training, in the company of masters such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Ponç, Josep Granyer and Joan Brossa, with whom he had the opportunity to socialize, has decisively endowed Francesc Ruestes´ works with great richness of privileged plastic and human experiences. From Dalí he acquired his pursuit of perfection, his precision and meticulousness of diction ; also the neat euphuistic technique which is one of his characteristics, as well as passion for geometry and science, just in the same way as constant alteration and pertubation of reality. From Granyer he learnt the rigour in proportions and his platonic order. From Ponç he grasped the peculiar introspection into the unconscious and its singurlar magicism, while Brossa´s irony and provocation delighted him. Preoccupied by both the conceptual and the formal aspects, he deepened his understanding of the manipulation of diverse materials – always by means of a virtuous perfeccionist treatment – to finally produce his current work, in which the play of simulations and ambivalences between techniques and materials offers a very peculiar singularity. From that primeval surrealism of visually equivocal traits and perceptive supplantation, just as from his research into new formulae applicable to collage, he has reached a hybridization of painting, sculpture, drawing and installation, thus producing objects of a comprehensive nature in as much as they possess all the traits of their composing parts. Limits dissapear and his materials are subjected to a radical transformation, even at the expense of having their purposes altered. By working with materials that meet warmth and coldness, presence and absence, reason and feeling, definition and abstraction, solidity and emptiness, all with the kind of structure that tends to aim to compensated unbalance, Ruestes erects a discourse which is his own autobiography. An inner trip along personal memories, through those most introspective experiences, through interior cadences, through his individual evolution; an itinerary that suggests concepts as eternal love, spirituality, loneliness, death and beauty. His work has been exhibited in important museums and galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, Andorra and France: Fundació Vila Casas (Barcelona), Malborough Gallery (Madrid), Centre d´Art Contemporani Santa Mónica (Barcelona), Espace Eiffel-Branly (Paris), Sala Parés (Barcelona), Espace des Arts de Colomiers (France), Galeria Senda (Barcelona), among others. Works on museums and collections: Col·lecció Testimoni La Caixa (Barcelona), Museu FC Barcelona, Fundació Vila Casas (Barcelona), Museu d´Art Contemporani Porreres (Mallorca), Artothéque du Limousin (France), Pictet´s Art Collection (Geneve), Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Barcelona) and others. Public spaces: Macrocosmos, Kyonggi, South Korea. 2003; Fases de la Lluna, Torroella de Montgrí, Spain. 2006

Quelques oeuvres

  • RUESTES Francesc “Pintant l´espai” Peindre l'espace

  • RUESTES Francesc, 5 pintant l’espai (peindre l'espace).